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Wireless drive handle

Hydroware’s wireless drive handle system is equipped with double safety relays and an emergency stop. It complies with SIL3 IEC 61508 and PLe. The system is also certified according to the CSA for the USA and Canada.

The drive handle is delivered with the following parts

  • Hand transmitter
  • Shoulder strap for hand transmitter
  • Receiver with connection cable and connector for HydroElite with magnetic feet
  • Antenna for receiver
  • Charger 230 volts
  • Wall bracket for charger
  • Wireless driving handle from Hydroware can be used on all our products and provides an easier installation.

The wireless driving handle from Hydroware can be used on all of our products and will simplify the installation process.

Quick Installation with wireless driving handle

If the Hydroware wireless drive handle is used, the elevator can be operated wirelessly from the cabin roof. Use the elevator as a means of transport during installation as soon as the new system is placed in the machine room, filled with oil, and connected to the mains. Assembly run does not require that shaft material or cabin node is connected. Brackets that are required are already pre-assembled from the factory, so no extra wiring is needed before you can ride with the elevator, which facilitates and speeds up the installation.


Download our brochure on the wireless drive handle.

Models of TractionElite and HydroElite drive and control systems

TractionElite is available in MR and MRL configurations.
HydroElite is available as H2 and V5 – VENI, VIDI, MINI and MRL.


For MR and MRL

Our solution for modernizing traction elevators, with or without machine room. 

All the perks you’re used to with Hydroware as a partner, now for Traction elevators. One experience for all!


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HydroElite VENI

Low energy consumption

HydroElite VENI takes full advantage of the unique valve.

The system provides an energy consumption that is up to 50% lower than traditional electronic valves.


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VIDI thumbnail
HydroElite VIDI

Low power output

Significantly reduced power demand and low energy consumption.

HydroElite VIDI is equipped with a current-limiting drive and an air-cooled IE2 motor.



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HydroElite MINI
HydroElite MINI

For small spaces

HydroElite MINI is used where there is not enough space.

Good when there is too little space on the way to or inside the machine room, to be able to use a normal tank size.



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HydroElite MRL
HydroElite MRL

Machine roomless

HydroElite MRL is the machine roomless alternative that is increasingly in demand.

Due to several different aspects, it is better to place control and drive systems outside the shaft.


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Hydraulic cylinder

Cylinders for hydraulic elevator

Hydraulic cylinder from COAM.

We supply all parts for elevator installations including hydraulic cylinders. We work with COAM as a supplier.




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Other elevator components

Everything from one supplier

One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop for all the parts needed for an elevator installation. For you, only contact with one supplier is needed.


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