The HydroElite Experience


Hydroware develops and manufactures products for modernization and new installation of elevators. The heart of our integrated drive and control system HydroElite, is the unique servo valve.

Unique technology with unique valve

All HydroElite are equipped with a servo valve that makes it possible for the elevator to go direct to floor, completely without creeping.

The valve also makes it so that no bypass of the oil at full speed upwards is required. It drastically reduces travel time and energy consumption compared to traditional electronic valves.


HydroElite is Hydroware’s integrated drive and control system for hydraulic elevators that is available in several different designs and sizes. There are many benefits to choosing a HydroElite for your elevator installation.

Quick and easy installation

When changing to a HydroElite drive and control system from Hydroware, the elevator can be used for manual driving after only a few hours of installation work. The short installation time is possible thanks to the fact that the complete drive and control system is pre-assembled, and function tested in our factory. In addition, the cables are connected. All this together with the simple commissioning enables up to a halving of the installation time compared to traditional systems.

Pre-tested at the factory

All HydroElite are pre-tested on physical elevators in the factory to 100% before delivery. This reduces the risk of possible problems on the construction site while at the same time greatly reducing installation time. Furthermore, the total function is ensured and Hydroware can take responsibility for the entire product and a safe stable function for the entire life of the elevator.

Increased capacity and comfort

Already in the design and construction stage, HydroElite drive, and control systems are married together. This contributes to a short reaction time from command to start, which together with the unique valve’s properties increases the elevator’s capacity and comfort.


Commissioning is easily done with the help of a learning journey for the hydraulics and one for the floor plan setting. The system is completely self-learning and self-adjusting. No manual changes are required and the valve’s accuracy and precision when running in to floor increases for each trip.

Delivery time

The lead time for a HydroElite is very short. The standard delivery from the time an order is added for a HydroElite to leave the factory in Alvesta is 4-5 weeks. On request, express delivery is available in up to 10 days.

Everyone benefits

The user of the elevator receives benefits such as shorter waiting and travel times as well as significantly improved travel comfort. For the property owner, the advantage is primarily shorter downtime, lower power consumption, lower energy consumption and higher reliability. The elevator company benefits from the shortened assembly times, reliable delivery and support as well as the simple order handling.

Different models of HydroElite drive and control systems

HydroElite is available in the VENI, VIDI, MINI and MRL versions.

HydroElite VENI

Low energy consumption

HydroElite VENI takes full advantage of the unique valve.

The system provides an energy consumption that is up to 50% lower than traditional electronic valves.


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HydroElite VIDI
HydroElite VIDI

Low power output

Significantly reduced power demand and low energy consumption.

HydroElite VIDI is equipped with a current-limiting drive and an air-cooled IE2 motor.



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HydroElite MINI
HydroElite MINI

For small spaces

HydroElite MINI is used where there is not enough space.

Good when there is too little space on the way to or inside the machine room, to be able to use a normal tank size.



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HydroElite MRL
HydroElite MRL

Machine roomless

HydroElite MRL is the machine roomless alternative that is increasingly in demand.

Due to several different aspects, it is better to place control and drive systems outside the shaft.


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Hydraulic cylinder

Cylinders for hydraulic elevator

Hydraulic cylinder from COAM.

We supply all parts for elevator installations including hydraulic cylinders. We work with COAM as a supplier.




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Other elevator components

Everything from one supplier

One Stop Shop.

One Stop Shop for all the parts needed for an elevator installation. For you, only contact with one supplier is needed.


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