The HydroElite Experience

Technical Support

Support from Hydroware is always available by phone, e-mail and with the option of on-site support. As a partner of Hydroware, you are always offered first-class technical support for your project. We are always available with help and support in the way that suits you best.

On-site support

Our support package is always included for all partners. There is the opportunity for on-site help for older HydroElite, technical assistance for complex modernization projects, support, and advice as well as on-site support for inspection and service. We are where you are.

Our field technicians help you on-site

Magnus Johansson

Field technician/Support
+46 (0) 472 45156

Jonas Nilsson

Field technician/Support
+46 (0) 472 45156

Tools and help

Spare parts

WebRel -Documentation

HydroApp –


Generous support package

In our generous support package, we offer, among other things:

  • Multilingual technical support for both drive and control systems with the possibility of on-site support assistance.
  • Spare parts are with you within 24 hours.
  • Commercial and technical consultation is available by phone, e-mail or on site if needed.
  • Technical assistance for complex modernization projects.
  • Training for preparation, installation, testing, troubleshooting and service.
  • Support at facilities with older HydroElite.

Hydroware Support

Contact our support team for fast, flexible and personal help with installation and operation of our products. We have applications for troubleshooting, documentation, parameter adjustments etc.

Spare parts within 24 hours.