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When an elevator starts to age, you should modernize it instead of replacing it. That will save money, time, and the environment.

Circular economy for elevators

Circular economy is an expression of economic models in a company, society, or organisation, which highlights business opportunities where circular cycles are used rather than linear processes that have been dominant up until now.

An elevator consists of several components with very varying service life. The elevator is normally installed in a very protected environment so the impact from the surroundings is negligible. Components that are not wear and tear parts have a very long service life, such as guides, support frame, elevator car and door panels.

Reuse as much as possible

Build robust modular elevators that can be repaired. When, after 20-30 years, it is time to modernise the elevator, reuse as much as possible. Finally, when all parts are worn out, it’s time to recycle all the material and replace with a brand new one.



Hydroware’s elevators are adapted to be modernized again and again. There are many reasons to upgrade the elevator instead of replacing the entire elevator. Read more about all the benefits of elevator modernization here.


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