The HydroElite Experience

Elevator service

Hydroware has a large partner network of companies that provide elevator service. We have an established collaboration with our partner companies where we assist with field technicians and support. With over 25 years of expertise and together with our service partners, we have carried out various elevator modernizations all over the world.

Elevator service at a low cost

Hydroware is working to reduce the cost of elevator service. This is one of the reasons why our products are designed to contain as few moving mechanical parts as possible. To facilitate service and modernization of elevators, we build our products on open and modular systems. The modularity means that individual components can be easily replaced, which can prevent a complete replacement of the elevator after 25 years of use. With our products, elevator owners are not locked into a supplier or a service company and this means that the price for elevator service can be kept down.

If support or elevator service is needed, you are welcome to contact us for guidance.

Hydroware Support

Contact our support team for fast, flexible and personal help with installation and operation of our products.

Our field technicians can help with on-site service. We have applications for troubleshooting, documentation, parameter adjustments etc.

Spare parts within 24 hours.