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Sustainable elevators

Our vision at Hydroware is inspired by circular economy. We want to be involved in building long-term sustainable elevator solutions where good finances are combined with everything being reusable or recycled.

Elevators do not have to be worn and thrown away

An elevator should have the same lifespan as the property. This means that an older elevator should not be replaced after several years – it should be modernized. The environmental impact of an elevator is usually greater during manufacturing than during operation. Therefore, it is important that the elevator is adapted to circular economy to enable more modernizations during its lifetime. In this way, we leave wear and tear mentality and save on the earth’s resources.

For over 25 years, Hydroware has worked to move the elevator industry towards a circular ecosystem by preserving the elevator’s material and economic values over a very long period of use. Future-oriented products together with circular business models are a prerequisite for taking further steps towards a sustainable world.

Modular elevators

Over the past 25 years, many manufacturers in the elevator industry have chosen to design elevators that are less modular than before. This means that they are no longer as suitable for modernization.

For environmental reasons, it is obvious that we must go back to installing elevators that are adapted to be modernized, module by module. Modernizing an older elevator instead of replacing it entirely with a new one means halving the environmental impact.

Consume less material

In a modernization, parts such as car frame, cabin and guides are retained, which often last for several generations. On the other hand, drive and control systems are being replaced and a new interior and perhaps new doors are being installed. The elevator will be like new and last at least as long as a brand-new elevator without the operating costs being higher.

Our products for elevator modernization

Hydroware’s drive and control systems are well suited for modernization thanks to their robust and modular design. Replacing an old elevator with a Hydroware solution can give up to 70 % reduction in both energy consumption and power demand.


Read more about sustainable lifts in our brochure.

Hydroware – a circular actor

Hydroware are members of CirEko, Sweden’s broadest member and business network for circular business. We are members of CirEko to be involved and support the work of influencing society and various industries to move towards circular thinking and circular business models.

Since our business model is already based on product life extension, we are presented as acircular forerunner at Circular Sweden.

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