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New elevator

In building that do not have an elevator, during new construction or when adding an existing floor, a new elevator may be relevant. This may, for example, apply to a building with condominiums where an elevator needs to be installed in an existing stairwell or in an industrial property where a need for an elevator has arisen. Sometimes the original purpose of the elevator may have changed over time. In all these cases, it is relevant to buy and install a completely new elevator.

Complete new elevator from Hydroware

If it’s time to buy a new elevator, there are several reasons to choose a hydraulic elevator from Hydroware. We offer tailor-made and flexible solutions that fit everything from villas to heavy cargo lifts.

Our assortment of elevators provide space-efficient, quiet and flexible solutions based on our in-house developed design and impressive capacity. With our heritage and prominent market position we offer the best solutions for hydraulic elevators when a hydraulic elevator is applicable, for example heavy-duty elevators, properties with up to 6-7 floors as well as existing properties where the need for an elevator has arisen. Hydroware also offer modern and effective solutions for traction elevators. We deliver all parts for new elevators to ensure that the buyer only needs to have contact with one supplier.

When installing a new elevator from Hydroware, the elevator owner gets choice and flexibility. Hydroware’s elevators are based on an open and modular system, unlike many other major elevator manufacturers. The open system allows components to be replaced to extend the life of the elevator and keep down the price of lift maintenance. Fully functioning parts and the elevator frame never need to be replaced. In this way, the owner of the elevator is not forced to buy a completely new elevator again after 20-25 years.

Everything from one supplier

Hydroware delivers all parts to the elevator. The advantage of buying all the components for the elevator from one and the same supplier is that it will be easier to handle service, spare parts, administration, guarantees and any potential complaints.

Quick elevator installation

A new elevator from us can be installed quickly. In many cases, residents need to move out of the property while a new elevator is being installed. To keep installation time down, all Hydroware lifts are pre-assembled, and function tested. The construction of the elevator in combination with the fact that it is pre-tested in our factory means that the elevator can be quickly installed and put into use.

Building with an existing elevator: Modernize

If there is already an elevator in the property, modernization is always the best option. The price of the elevator installation usually decreases by over 50% compared to buying a brand-new elevator. With modernization, the downtime for the elevator is shortened by several weeks. Read more about modernizing elevators here.

An elevator should have the same lifespan as the property

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