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Property owners

An elevator should be your security. As a property owner, you should feel calm knowing that the elevator works and that it will continue to work in the future. On the day something needs to be fixed, you should not be surprised by expensive service costs. A hydraulic elevator from Hydroware is an economically sustainable solution that gives you flexibility.

If the property does not have an elevator, you can install an elevator and thus allow more people to stay longer in their apartments. It is also possible to build an additional floor and install an elevator. Read more about the possibility of an extension floor here.

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Hydroware, together with our service partners, has carried out many modernizations of hydraulic elevators all over the world. We have solutions for modernization and new installation of elevators and collaborate with both smaller property owners and large international companies. Long experience and a large network of service partners means that you can feel safe in your choice of elevator.

Whether you want to install a new elevator or want to modernize your existing elevator, you can reduce the cost of ownership with our solutions. We deliver an open and modular system, which means that you do not commit to a supplier but can instead keep costs for service and repair down. We also offer financing solutions to give you a worry-free elevator ownership.

After a modernization, the elevator can normally be used for another 25-30 years. Then it is possible to modernize it again. A completely new price-pressed elevator with a leaner frame normally does not last as long, which leads to expensive and extensive repairs in the long run. In addition, a completely new elevator rarely has the possibility to be modernized at all, which means that it will be time for another full replacement after 20-25 years.

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If you have an elevator in the building, you should always modernize and reuse robust and functional parts instead of installing a new elevator. With an elevator modernization from Hydroware, you give the property a more sustainable profile and the environmental impact is about half compared to installing a new elevator. This applies, for example, to elevators in residential buildings with up to 6-7 floors and shopping centers with 4-5 floors and up to 250,000 journeys per year. With our elevators, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional hydraulic elevators. In addition, power consumption can be reduced by up to two-thirds, which results in lower subscription fees – which often make up the major part of an elevators operating costs. 

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The HydroElite Experience

As a partner of Hydroware, you take part in a partnership where we do everything to deliver a high level of service and support. We call this The HydroElite Experience. Watch the film about The HydroElite Experience below.

Success story: From a property owner’s perspective

Modernizing the elevators was a success

“The repair costs of our old elevators skyrocketed and it was often difficult to get spare parts. Then we decided to modernize the elevators because it was cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

We kept guides and elevator cabin but replaced drive and control systems, doors and panels “, says Gösta Fridh, vice chairman of the tenant-owner association Ruuth 50 in Helsingborg.

“It has become bright, fresh, more less abled body-friendly and we save around SEK 35,000 per year in reduced energy and power costs. Now the elevators run flawlessly and the residents think it is a success “, says a satisfied Inger Tunström, chairman.