The HydroElite Experience

Field technician

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(V4 and V5)

(V4 and V5)

(V4 and V5)

animerad blixt svartvit

HydroElite Flash

animerad graf svartvit

HydroElite Graph

Animerad datorskärm svartvit

HydroElite GUI

Instruction movies HydroElite V5

Step 1 –
Unpack and check

Step 2 –
Installation motor room

Step 3 –
Installation in shaft

Step 4 –
Shaft information

Step 5 –
Travelling cable

Step 6 –
Door drive installation

Steg 7 –
Installation lift car equipment

Step 8 –
Installation car node

Step 9 –
Connecting in motor room

Step 10 –

Step 11 –
Testing and adjustment

Spares and support