The HydroElite Experience

IoT – HydroCloud

Monitor your entire elevator fleet remotely!

HydroCloud is Hydroware’s IoT portal. HydroCloud gives you access to all your connected HydroElite H2 and TractionElite H2 from anywhere. The amount of available data allows you to improve elevator uptime, act immediately on error codes, and plan your visits. You can also extract and compare data between all your H2 units.

HydroCloud Information Sheet

HydroCloud for H2

Get an overview of all your H2 units with the HydroCloud portal. Superior elevator data and transparency.

No Apps

Use your browser on a computer, phone, or tablet to connect to the portal.

Remote Troubleshooting

Act immediately on any issues, get remote assistance, and come prepared to the elevator.

With HydroCloud, it’s as if you’re practically standing in front of the elevator, no matter where you are!

Erik Paulsson, Hydroware

HydroCloud IoT Portal

Tablet and computer showing IoT-portal

Real-Time and Historical Data

Gain real-time insights into your elevators’ health and performance. Work proactively with troubleshooting, data-driven maintenance, and remote diagnostics. Through HydroCloud, you can identify potential problems early, either yourself or through push notifications, allowing you to act quickly on any issues. With data-driven analysis, you can strategically manage maintenance based on actual usage and the unit’s needs. In case of problems, both you and Hydroware can easily troubleshoot remotely for faster and more accurate support.

Compare Your Units

With HydroCloud, you can group your elevators within the portal. You can compare multiple units simultaneously to see the most common error codes, how often they occur, or dive into a specific unit to see if the issue has been resolved. Compare energy consumption, see how often the elevator moves between floors, and compare travel curves. With endless possibilities, elevator ownership becomes as hassle-free as possible for the end customer.