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Narrow elevator

Narrow elevator is a collective name for elevators that are installed in cramped spaces. Hydroware offers both new installations and replacements of narrow elevators.

Our program to achieve the most space-efficient elevator solution possible is called MIGRO. We also have an adaptation kit for easy replacement of screw elevators, which is a type of narrow elevator.


The best solution to assemble on the market, very well thought out. Very service-friendly with, for example, linen fasteners and guide shoes.

Ola and Per Svensson, elevator fitters


MIGRO is our program for passenger elevators for very cramped spaces. The design is adapted to achieve the most space-efficient elevator solution possible and at the same time meet all modern regulatory and accessibility requirements and standards without sacrificing performance or quality.

With our own design department, we are flexible and can customize an elevator and shaft solution for each case. It also enables us to manage and deliver efficient, user-friendly and durable elevators for any residential building, office or other building that is in need of a new elevator or replacement of an existing elevator where space is limited.

The compact design makes it perfect for replacing existing troublesome elevators, e.g. screw elevators, without expensive costs for shaft reconstruction.

Cabin fittings are customized, and doors can be delivered both as folding doors combined with swing doors or fully automatic doors. We work with leading door manufacturers, which enables us to meet all requirements and local specifications.

MIGRO exists as 2:1 indirect solution and max speed is 0.63 m/s and a minimum pit depth all the way down to 100 mm.

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