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Do not hesitate to contact our sales department to get more information about our products and services.

HydCalc is our calculation tool that can dimension and calculate which HydroElite suits you best.

Our quote and order form (COS) is available for download here. Use the form to get a quote or order directly from us. Send the file to one of our sellers.


Erik Paulsson mot ljus bakgrund med två stora ljusa cirklar
Erik Paulsson

Marketing Director
+46 (0) 472 45133

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To easily calculate and dimension which HydroElite suits you best: Fill in the information in the calculation tool to get a suggestion.

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COS: Quotation
and order form

COS is our quote and order form that can be used to order or receive a quote from us. Click on the link, fill in the information in the form and send.

Sales – Modernization

Morgan Nilsson

Back Office Manager

+46 (0) 472 45129

Anna Wallett

Technical Sales MOD
+46 (0) 472 45128

Lennie Rosenqvist

Technical Sales MOD
+46 (0) 472 45127

Erik Tordsson

Technical Sales MOD
+46 (0) 472 45189

Edvin Smajlovic i jeansskjorta
Edvin Smajlovic

Technical Sales MOD
+46 (0) 472 45121

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Contact us for more information on products and services.

Sales – New lifts

Leif Lilja

Technical Sales New Lifts
+46 (0) 472 45112

Thomas Malmberg

Technical Sales New Lifts
+46 (0) 472 45142

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Contact us for more information on our complete lift offering

Field Sales and Support

Jonas Nilsson

Technical Sales Support
+46 (0) 472 45156

Magnus Johansson

+46 (0) 472 45156

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Our field technicians are available to help out on-site.

Spare parts


Spare parts

Spare parts are usually sent the same day as we receive your order with the fastest possible way of delivery.

Tim Westlund med vit pikétröja
Tim Westlund

Support and Spare Part Manager
+46 (0) 472 45154

Emma Lindroos

+46 (0) 472 45196

Anna Samuelsson

+46 (0) 472 45196

Birgitta Berglund
Birgitta Berglund

Aftersales Support / Spares
Dir: +46 472 45 111 |
Spares: +46 (0) 472 45196


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Contact us for questions regarding logistics

Lars Gustafsson on grey background
Lars Gustafsson

Logistics Manager
+46 472 45118

Daniel Martin on grey background
Daniel Martin

+46 472 45192