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Car elevator

A car elevator is an elevator that is adapted to transport cars. Hydroware has a customized program for delivering complete car lifts. Hydroware can provide all the parts for the elevator to make the process easy for the elevator owner.

FORTIS CAR is our car elevator program. Material selection and design are adapted to withstand harsh environments and ensure the highest possible availability.

For more information and dimensions for FORTIS CAR, you can download our brochure.



With our own design department, we are flexible and can customize a solution for each individual case. It also enables us to handle and deliver efficient, user-friendly, and durable cargo lifts adapted to any warehouse or industrial project.

FORTIS CAR is available in both 1: 1 and 2: 1 and can be equipped with both single-stage and multi-stage cylinders and is ready to be installed in both new and existing buildings. Cabin furnishings, materials, and color choices as well as dimensions can all be customized to meet your requirements and wishes. The integration of the cabin and support frame enables perfect stability for the purpose.

Contact us or download the brochure for more information about FORITS CAR.

Standard design
  • Floor – Floor plate stainless steel AISI304
  • Walls – Stainless steel AISI304 or painted walls
  • Support strips – In selected material
  • Led lighting
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