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As an elevator consultant, you are an important partner to Hydroware. Here you can find relevant and updated information to facilitate the preparation of your project.

With Hydroware’s products, the elevator’s environmental impact can be reduced over the elevator’s service life and unnecessary replacements of robust parts can be avoided. More specific information for project preparation can be found below.


If there is already an elevator, it should always be modernized instead of being replaced. With modernization from Hydroware, the lifespan of the elevator is extended, and the environmental impact is reduced by 50% compared with a complete replacement. Furthermore, power consumption and energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70% while the elevator gets superior travel comfort and increased capacity. Read more about modernization here.

New installation

Hydraulic elevators are the best choice in buildings up to 6-7 floors and for shopping centers up to 4-5 floors with up to 250,000 trips per year. With our hydraulic elevators , the surface of the building can be used in an efficient way. For new installations, we provide floor views and a review of existing documents to agree on the best solution. Read more about new installation of elevators here.


With AMA (General Materials and Job Description), ideas and visions are translated into quality-assured construction. The tool helps you ensure the quality of the construction process – from the first request documentation to the final inspection.

Hydroware advocates that AMA EL be used as much as possible. The choices available in AMA EL are not always enough to ensure that the delivery is what you expect. Then the technical function description in the requirements specification should be expanded with additional requirements to ensure what is actually offered and subsequently delivered. Hydroware has developed suggestions on how to specify functions of our products in a clear way.

Hisskonsult för anteckningar framför hiss med gröna dörrar.

Suggested technical function description

71.BC/11 System with electronic valves – direct drive to floor

  • Drive systems must be designed with a function for direct driving to floors without creep speed. The entire pump flow is delivered to the lifting cylinder at high speed up (without by-pass) to reduce energy use.
  • The Motor should be started with soft start. The valve system must be equipped with a self-adjusting and self-learning servo valve.
  • The maximum power output for the elevator must be XX A. (XX = depends on rated load and rated speed, ask Hydroware for information or calculate via Hydcalc).
  • Drive and control systems must be from the same manufacturer and must be system tested before delivery to ensure the shortest possible downtime, highest operational reliability and future support.

71.EA Control system in elevator installation

  • The control system must be able to be maintained and repaired by companies that the plant owner deems appropriate. All technical documentation, special tools, programming equipment, etc. required for service and maintenance must be included and remain usable for the life of the control system. Wiring diagrams must show all connections made in control cabinets. Documentation of all parameters and error codes must be included in operation and maintenance instructions. The supplier must undertake to deliver technical support, spare parts and more to any elevator company during the life of the control system. It must be possible to subsequently supplement or expand the control system with more functions.
  • All programmable and adjustable parameters and functions of the control system shall be possible to change the entire service life of the control system, without the need for any further reprogramming, accessories, lock codes or equipment to be procured by the system owner.
  • Control systems must be system tested together with the intended drive system.

71.EA Frequently controlled motor system – reduced high speed at high load

  • Drive systems must be designed with a function that allows reduced high speed during construction and high loads. The rated speed at high speeds up must be reduced gradually when the load exceeds 25 percent of the rated load to reduce the power requirement.
  • The engine must be air-cooled and have an efficiency of at least 90%.
  • The maximum power output for the elevator must be XX A. (XX = depends on rated load and rated speed, ask Hydroware for information or calculate via Hydcalc).
  • Drive and control systems must be from the same manufacturer and must be system tested before delivery to ensure the shortest possible downtime, highest operational reliability and future support.

Remote monitoring system with associated web-based user platform for compilation of all connected control systems from the product supplier. The network connection must be made via a private mobile network that must be encrypted. The following real-time information must be available via remote access:

HydroElite 3G-5.20 (V5)

Real-time information

  • Elevator operating status
  • Safety circuit status
  • Direction of travel
  • Error codes
  • Light curtain & photocells
  • Door status
  • Oil temperature
  • The position of the cabin
  • Ambient temperature
  • Inspection status

Historical data

  • Number of trips (total and per day)
  • Uptime
  • Travels
  • Export tool (CSV)


  • Power consumption

    One of the biggest advantages of HydroCloud is that you get the opportunity to measure the energy consumption of the elevator. The energy meter shows during which times the elevator consumes the most energy, which helps you to draw conclusions and optimize components such as doors, cabin lighting, etc. to make the elevator more efficient.

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Success story: From the perspective of an elevator consultant

To seek the best solution for each elevator project

“I was first tipped off about Hydroware by a contractor,” says Robin Primrose, an elevator consultant in Scotland. “It was a few years ago and now I have my own experience from a lot of installations.”

Impartial assessment
“For me as a consultant, it is important to make an impartial assessment for the customer in order to maintain credibility and so that the customer gets the best solution. That means I look at the total cost of installing and operating the elevator.”

Easy to install
“So far, I have only received positive comments from my clients about Hydroware’s system. They think it is easy to install, deliveries arrive on time and the system works immediately when you start it up. That my customer is satisfied with the product is absolutely crucial for me. ”

Advantage of modernizations
During the last years, 50% of the hydraulic systems I have proposed to the customer have come from Hydroware and that number will certainly increase in the future. Especially considering the advantage of carrying out renovations with Hydroware’s system without having to throw out the working parts of the old elevator.”

Robin Primrose, elevator consultant in Scotland