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A luxury car manufacturer in Great Britain had a two-week window, during their summer shutdown, in which their goods lift had to be modernised. Failure to complete the modernisation within this short window of time would have caused serious ramifications for the car manufacturer. The car manufacturer, with their crucial shutdown rapidly approaching, placed a call with Thomas Aye, Area Manager at Lödige UK.

Now with Hydroware’s integrated drive and control system, we have the confidence to go after more modernisation jobs in the future.

We always try to be helpful, especially when someone is in a pinch, said Thomas. This job was a hydraulic goods lift modernisation requiring a lot of specialist work which is usually not our bag. Thus, I got in contact with an acquaintance at Hydroware, Matt Thompson.

Matt Thompson, Managing Director at Hydroware UK, guaranteed an express production schedule and to have the hydraulic system, controller and all the associated shaft equipment delivered well in advance of the scheduled starting date. With Matt’s assurance, Thomas gained customer’s confidence in completing the project within the given timeframe and won the contract.

10 days after the placement of the order, equipment left the Hydroware factory in Sweden for its destination in UK. During the second day of installation, Tony Morton, one of Hydroware’s product support engineers, came on-site to assist Lödige’s installation team with technical expertise and offer advice.

Tony knew the product’s ins and outs and talked the engineer talk, laughed Thomas. Thanks to Hydroware delivering an integrated drive and control system along with the expert on-site support of Tony, the installation went efficiently and we completed on time.

With reliable express delivery, harmonious functionality and on-site expert support, Thomas and Lödige UK were able to help a client in a challenging situation. The luxury car manufacturer had their goods lift properly modernised before the end of the two-week shutdown and from his personal experience of this important project, Thomas has turned his eye to a new market segment.

Previously, we have stayed away from modernisation jobs. When we had to get a hydraulic unit from one supplier and the control unit from another, we don’t know how they communicate and work together. Now with Hydroware’s integrated drive and control system, we have the confidence to go after more modernisation jobs in the future, concluded Thomas.

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