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IoT – HydroCloud

HydroCloud provides a clear and simple overview of all elevators, and by clicking on a specific device you get complete and detailed information – anytime and from anywhere. All you need is a tablet, PC or smartphone. The collected data contains valuable information such as usage statistics, uptime, energy consumption and more – in real time.

User pattern

By knowing user patterns, you can plan your service and maintenance windows more efficiently, which means less disruption and a better experience for elevator passengers. This is an ideal tool for elevator technicians, service managers and property managers to be able to check the units remotely. It enables you to see potential error codes and faults before going on site.

This is how it works

  • The connection to the cloud takes place via a private mobile network that is encrypted with AES256-bit in the MQTT protocol.
  • The network terminates on the inside of the telecom operator and the data is then sent in a new encrypted form to the database in HydroCloud.
  • The IoT solution is also available as a retrofit kit for existing HydroElite 3G-1 (V4) and 3G-5.20 (V5), and as an additional option for all new deliveries.

You can see

S3G-1 control (V4):

Real-time information

  • Elevator operating status
  • Elevator position
  • Direction of travel
  • Safety circuit status
  • Any error codes
  • Light curtain & photocells
  • Door status
Control 3G-5.20 (V5) V4 functionality PLUS:

Real-time information

  • Oil temperature 
  • Ambient temperature 
  • Inspection status

Historical data

  • Number of trips (total and per day)
  • Travels
  • Uptime
  • Error log/warnings
  • Export tool (CSV)

OPTION – Energy consumption

One of the biggest advantages of HydroCloud is that you get the opportunity to measure the energy consumption of the elevator. The energy meter shows the times during which the elevator consumes the most energy, which helps you to draw conclusions and optimize components such as doors and cabin lighting, to make the elevator more efficient.

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