The HydroElite Experience

Lift installation has never been this easy

We are happy to introduce the H2 lift controller. At interlift 2022 we will be showcasing the H2 and all its benefits live for all participant.

Meet the H2

One for all

Lift installation has never been this easy. The H2 controller is designed for both TractionElite and HydroElite drive systems. For anyone familiar with HydroElite, the TractionElite will feel right at home, and vice versa.

10-inch touch display

The 10” touch display, remote connectivity and user interface is bringing lift installation into the  21st Century. A clear menu structure along with a modern user experience will make installation and maintenance easier than ever before. With the new display, you will get full accountability and find accessible and updated schematics, instruction movies, sorting of error logs, statistics and diagnostic tools etc.

Stay connected

The possibility of remote connectivity provides new possibilities for IoT services. Furthermore, the field engineer can use their own smart device to connect to the unit to view the controller from anywhere in the lift shaft.

Faster installation time

Thanks to the smart design, CANopen-Lift standard and PSU H2 DILIGENS, every H2 unit boast superior installation times. There is no need for limit switches or floor zone sensors. Everything from the integrated instruction movies to the efficient commissioning is tailormade to make sure the installation process is faster and easier than ever before. The H2 puts the field engineer in focus to make life simple.

HydroCloud, CANopen Lift, 10 inch touch display, sustainable lift, superior installation