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Great news from Hydroware B.V. and for the Benelux region!

Hydroware and Vlaswinkel Liftmodernisering B.V. (Vlaswinkel) have finalized an agreement for close cooperation in Benelux, to support our customers in an even better way. For those looking for a supplier that can offer turnkey solutions for lift modernisation in the Benelux area, we are now launching our Supply & Fit offering!

The Supply & Fit offer

Supply & Fit is Hydroware’s turnkey solution, allowing lift companies to take on more projects. Hydroware, together with Vlaswinkel, are offering customers on-site survey, all products needed, installation, and handover of the finalised modernisation project – everything from one partner!

The opportunity to become Hydroware´s exclusive installer within their Supply & Fit offering to their customers in this region, is something we are really looking forward to, especially since Hydroware´s new controller H2 will become a game-changer on the market and is available both for hydraulic and traction lifts.

Mark Vlaswinkel, CEO and owner of Vlaswinkel Liftmodernisering B.V.

We are very happy to be able to offer Supply & Fit to our customers in Benelux from now on. We know there is big demand for this type of offering, and we think this will help our customers to speed up the modernisation pace quite a lot. Vlaswinkel Liftmodernisering B.V. is famous in the region for their great knowledge and fast and professional installations which make them a perfect partner.

Per Elgborn, CEO of Hydroware AB

Launching today

For Hydroware’s customers in the Benelux area, this will be a major added value offering. When in need of high-quality experts, or when in need of increased capacity, this will be the go-to solution. Frank van Gils, Business Unit Manager for Hydroware B.V., is very excited to be launching Supply & Fit to customers in Benelux.

As of today, we are launching Supply & Fit to the market in the Benelux area. I am thrilled to invite all our customers to contact me if they want to know more about our new turnkey offering

Frank van Gils, Business Unit Manager Hydroware B.V.

More information and questions

Per Elgborn
CEO, Hydroware
(+46) 472 – 451 01

Mark Vlaswinkel
CEO and owner, Vlaswinkel Liftmodernisering B.V.
(+31) 6 – 46186181